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For many people, art is the spice of life. However, as we have seen many times in the history of mankind, art plays

a crucial role even when the human soul departs this world, leaving behind only a memory – MEMORIAE. To learn how memories in the form of works of art can withstand the ravages of time, we only need to look at artefacts from ancient Egypt, which still reassure us of love and devotion to the dead. Every life is unique and deserves a unique memory. This is one of the reasons why the MEMORIAE brand was created. Its artistically conceived glass cremation urns are designed with respect and humility with regard to their function. They are handmade in the Czech Republic, one of the cradles of European glassmaking, using traditional glassmaking techniques. Thanks to this, each urn becomes a unique original, which fulfils the function of dignity and refined aesthetics. Minimalist morphology and colours are combined in three series – Globe, Tumulus and Monumentum.

“Finding beauty in sadness, hope in loss and dignity in defeat – that is the true art of life.”
Arthur Miller, 1915–2005

The MEMORIAE brand is based on the cooperation of three founders, who fuel the project with their many years of experience with timeless design, quality craftsmanship and professional customer service. The author of the visual concept is the Czech designer David Valner, whose objects are made by the hands of master glassmakers of the Valner Glass Production studio. The third part of the puzzle is the Czech-American brand SkLO Studio, which is the exclusive wholesaler.

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